Reading all the Collsion-Data for specific physical interactions

Hi guys,
my name is J-Snake and I am new to unity and this forum. I am the guy who will bring revolutionary game-designs to life, just you wait.

I am tempted to use the Unity-Engine but I need to know one important thng before I possibly waste my time with it (I hope not):

Does unity’s collision- and mesh-data has an expansive enough feed-back system so that I can read out the stuff like plane-normals, contact points and so on. I need it to implement something like a “spider-ball” to roll along walls, grappling-hooks which only stick to planes with certain normals, stuff like that.

Thank you in advance.

Indeed it does, have a look at the Collision Class in the reference.

Thanks, that sounds not too bad. Now do I ask too much if I can get to adjacent polygons of the mesh starting from the collision-point of the mesh. You know, it eases up a lot if you are going to make something like a spider-ball you all know from some Metroid-games.

Ok, I think it would be too specific and I cannot expect Unity to offer that. But I guess I will be fine by just walking in tangential direction and ray-cast the inversed normal to keep my spiderball on track.