Reading Camera Frame to CPU on AR Foundation 2

How should reading a texture from the camera (to the CPU) be approached on AR Foundation 2?

Assuming I’m using the onFrameReceived event:

void Start(){ 
  _arCameraManager.frameReceived += frameReceived;
void frameReceived(ARCameraFrameEventArgs args){
   Texture2D frame = args.textures[0]; // is that right?
   // Graphics.CopyTexture maybe to get the texture?

I want the Texture2D so I could use OpenCV to do Color Detection on the image.

The documentation reads:

textures: The textures associated with this camera frame. These are generally external textures, which exist only on the GPU. To use them on the CPU, e.g., for computer vision processing, you will need to read them back from the GPU.

Also, why is there a list of textures?


Did you solve the issue?

Any news on this issue?