Real time audio synthesis

Hi Guys!

I am relatively new to Unity but I am using it for a project regarding audio synthesis.

For the project I am have a player try and find a invisible object emitting sound to help with location.

For the project I am trying to alter the sound the closer the player is to the object.

So far I am able to obviously change the loudness of the sound and also the pitch, however I am interested in synthesis methods such as pulse (like a car parking sensor) or modulation of the audio the closer the player gets.

I cannot seem to find any way to do this with the base level of Unity, however I have seen people use SuperCollider for audio engines and was wondering if people have any recommendations to going about this project?

Thanks in advance!

I would recommend to spend an hour to watch through this video (Unite 2015). If after watching at the demo code you do not understand anything you may want to start with some basic procedural audio example. Audio effects can get quite complicated especially if you’re not familiar with audio.