real time connection: HTML <-> server <-> unity

i know it’s quite crazy but this is what i want to make. I want users to use their mobile to visit a webpage, and use this webpage to control an unity application in real time. You can count it as some kind of exhibition so the amount of computers installed this unity application is limited. Do you have any ideas how to do it?

There is a way I figured out but i don’t like it. I have to make the server as a web server. The html side sends/loads data with json. The unity side sends/loads data with WWW. I think it’s slow and probably counted as DoS.

If you can make it to HTML ↔ Unity, it will be even better.

I got the answer myself.

It’s for server and SocketIOClient for Unity. The client can use normal web browser to do real time interaction through WebSocket. The server can be set in a real server or the computer that runs the application.

That’s all the keywords you need if you want to do this kind of application.