Real-time data streaming


I was trying to figure out if it is currently possible to have a basic game build in unity with no animation and be able to stream real time data to it.

For example: If I have a real time data base with information about the production of a car, can I connect this data to the car? For instance, there are 300 car door in the warehouse, can I have a light on the car model showing that there is data coming and be able to click on this light and for it to take to get more information?

I would appreciate if someone can help me figure this out.

Thank you.

This is bascially what I do for a living, so, yes. An example (without data, as it is proprietary) is here: In the ‘data’ version, we stream in data from over 300 sensors on the factory floor, as wells as 10 video feeds to in-scene textures.
We chose AJAX for this as the same service can be used on different platforms and I didn’t want to deal with JSON at the time, but you can format the data any way you like, use WWW or a network socket to access it.
A non-Unity example, (but could easily be done with Unity) is this system: - This website is for sale! - simaisle Resources and Information.
Many others exist.