Real Time Drawing game


I am very new to Unity and to the community, but I have an idea and would like to work on it!
So, I am thinking of a real time drawing game which is very simple but I don’t know how to make it. Can someone give me advice how to make the connection between the two devices and is it unity good for this kind of project?


  1. Place a plane down, and dynamically put a texture on it (or just use a sprite, honestly).
  2. Take the mouse position and, when dragging, calculate the vector between the current point and the last point.
  3. Use SetPixels from the Texture2D on the plane to whatever selected color you have, setting all pixels within a certain radius of the position being drawn on (basically making a “brush”).
  4. Set up a Network (see this answer for a list of tutorials) to play the game over.