Real-time location of IP address

I’m trying to find the exact location of an IP address. When I look it up on different search engines it always gives me the general vicinity is that General vicinity that area the exact location at that time of look up,I’m trying to find the exact location of an IP address on a phone. When I look it up it gives me an address of a city and a state and a zip code is that the exact address of where that phone is at that time

I think you may be on the wrong website for this question, but if you’re trying to find somebody else’s IP address, this will often change since it is on a phone, not connected to a single network (that sends out the IP). If you’re attempting to locate a phone instead then that will depend on what information you have from that phone ie number, service records, etc.

i have ip address . just need to how i xan find exact location of the ip address in real time.