real-time Radiosity light effect

Hello guys! I really want to use realtime radiosity on my project, it’s very important… because i’ll not need to use fake “radiosity lights”. I’ve looking for it for a long time and find some guys that made that, but they don’t say nothing :confused:
They make shaders using depth reconstruction, and i don’t know anything about shaders, BUT, i’m learning it now. I’m trying to learn CG for shader programming. My objective is make a realtime radiosity effect on the light that i want, like a directional light that cast shadows. I know that it’s an expensive process but my idea is not update it all the time, just in some special cases, and it don’t need to cast shadows.
Some one can help me with that? … any tip, or … whatever

thanks :slight_smile:

Oh, and here is an example of what i mean with radiosity:
> Youtube video <

Version 3.4 (or 3.5?) is supposed to have support for light sampling that mimics this pretty well. If you can hold on just a little while

Real-time radiosity is sort of advanced stuff, and there are many ways to implement it, as shown in this excellent resource:

LPV (ight Propagation Volumes) is one way to do it and is seen in CryEngine 3:

I think one of the GPU Gems books cover the LPV technique, so you might want to check it out:

This thread says you can liscence the Fantasy Lab engine for Unity, but I haven’t seen any confirmation of this yet.