Real time shadows problem, please help

I have the trial version of unity Pro, and it allows me to use realtime shadows. But when I apply it to the directional light, nothing happens in the level. Why is that?

thanks in advance!

Make sure the light’s Shadow Type is set, and also if you have very low poly objects it’s not so great. Helps to have UV maps on your objects too and play with the import settings on them.

its spotty.
or your objects could be on the wrong layer.
or your renderer isnt set to cast and recieve shadows
the lights angle is just in one of those positions,
there many possible things, id just presume to not rely on dynamic lighting to much

if there is a few real important object that you WANT to have shadows

i suggest trying a projector (not the most effecient road but does it beautifully)
put that on the main character and significant enemies

if your processing budget is low and your art is simble
you could just create a plain with a shadow texture on it and put it on the characters feet.

It could be the material you are using(not all materials support shadows), or it could be ambient light in the scene washing out the shadows. It could also be your Quality settings.