realistic bullet trajectory

Hi I'm trying to simulate bullet trajectory like in "Sniper Ghost Warrior" game

for example: 5.56*45 mm caliber has 60 grains(0.003887935 kg) and velocity is 3100 feet per second(944.88 meters per second)

(data from


1.I have set rigidbody to a sphere (for testing still not have bullet model), set its mass to 0.003887935 how much drag i should set?

2.Which one should i use; rigidbody.velocity , rigidbody.Addforce or rigidbody.AddForceAtPosition and what ForceMode?

3.assume that i fired a bullet in Vector(0,0,933) and another wind vector come from right side assume (-X,0,0), i want the direction of bullet changed by the force of wind. how do i perform this????

ps.If you have greater idea please tell me.

sorry for bad English

  1. Don’t use a ridgedbody to shoot with!It makes problems collider because it is too fast!

Use the Raycast commands to define: hitpoint, distance, check for tag’s and ect.
2. Go to THIS Youtube page/video. Look at the end of it, and you will see how the Raycast is done.

  1. I dont know :confused:

Hope it gave you a kick.