Realistic Burning Paper Effect

Hi. I need to make realistic burning paper effect in Unity. Can anybody help me to make it. Here is an example for what I exactly want to achieve: Creating Realistic Burning Paper Effect in Cinema 4d

Is there any asset that can make it or any other external tools.


The effect of progressively turning from “normal” paper to “burnt” paper looks to be a modification of a “dissolve” shader to me, of which there are several on the asset store - or an example of the Unity wiki here:

Combine this with a flame particle effect (there are some included in Unity if you import the Standard Assets → Particles) at the boundary of where the paper changes and you should at least get a reasonable starting point.

You do not need (and have never needed) Unity Pro to create custom shaders. I suspect Jeff Kesselman is confusing shaders with image effects.

Since the article you referenced is a shader technique, you will have to make a custom shader in Unity3D.
To do this you need pro and you need to know how to write shaders.

No, there is no “make me a burning paper” button you can press.