Realistic Graphic Setup, but how?

i’m just testing out the pro version of unity, but i’ve generally a problem with the graphic setup, it looks kinda unrealistic. How to setup a realistic Graphic ? i’ve searched for Tutorials that helps me playing arround with different settings, but that would take hourses and days until i tried every shader and setting.

You’ve got good reference-material or some tipps/Tutorials/sample-Settings for me?

My little Project is a Simulator in a city, so ambient occlusion will be very important i guess. and it’s not a cartoon or somethin special like that, it should just simulate the Reality as good as it gets

here an example of what it could look like, so generally the direction where it should take, but this is NOT my project (has webplayer too!):

You need to increase the size of your lightmap, the resolution is too low. Try adding more lights, the sun only probably won’t be enough to have something convincing. Also, you could improve performances by using LOD on your building, those far away seem to detailed to me.

Now, for materials, take a look here and there.