Realistic Hand Grapping

I’ve got a pretty nice human hand/arm model which I’ve written a script for to open and close the fingers/thumb in unison so that they resemble a closed fist (of sorts). I’ve used hard-coded constraints on the fingers so they don’t contort into weird unnatural angles and so that they don’t pass through the palm.

My end goal is to get the hand to grasp objects, but I’m having a real hard time doing it. I’ve attempted to give the fingers/thumb/palm box/capsule colliders along with rigidbodies, but whenever I try to ‘pick up’ a small cube, it will slide off the collider, or if the hand is moving too fast the cube will pass straight through it. I’ve played around with all the settings for the rigidbody and collider items, including changing the discrete/continuous/dynamic continuous collision detection. I’ve tried making the walls of the colliders thicker to compensate for fast movement. I’ve tried adding physic material to the objects, such as friction to the cubes I’m trying to pick up, to try and stop them from sliding off the hand. I’ve tried using mesh colliders, but have seen online that I shouldn’t use them for dynamic/animated objects as the mesh uses a lot of resources to move with the object. I’ve also tried using raycasters to detect collision, as I’ve read online it’s better for fast objects.

Basically what I want to do is to be able to close the fingers around an object, and if the object is small enough the fingers are to wrap around the object and for it to stay in the hand until I open to drop the object. The cubes currently sliding in the hand, flying off when I try to grasp them, or are passing through the hand. If I was able to make the hand ‘solid’ I think it would solve a lot of my issues, but that seems to be easier said than done as objects keep passing through it.

Any suggestions on how to tackle this issue would be great, thanks. I’ve attached a couple of images to show the hand model.

Image showing my attempt at using colliders to pick up objects.

Image showing my hand model’s layout, along with the ‘body’ part, which I believe contains the bone information. The thumb is made up of three joints while the fingers have 4. The wrist is a single joint and there are two joints for the forearm (although the wrist/forearm aren’t of interest right now).

Personally I would do this with animations and parenting the grasped objects instead.
If you make one animation to close the hand it can close to a certain point if the object is large or small.
Stop the animation from playing and parent the object to the wrist/palm bone at that time and the object will move with the hand.

The rotation of the wrist could be rigged up to manually control the blending of the wrist rotations by a blend tree.