Realistic helicopter Physics(pending review)

Waiting for approval by the assetstore

-it Can make use of its own wheel Physics or the built-in unity wheel Collider
-it does not difile the Unity3d Physics system (meaning: it makes use of unity relativeTorque and relativeforce in other to give that realistic helicopter feel)
-uses Unity3d rigid body system
-able to clamp rotation on individual Axis or set free Axis
-tweak yaw and tilt Angle
-Apply drag to individual Axis rotation
-realistic proppeller system (ANY KIND).
-combat ready.
-combat Ai
-editable c# scripts
- contact me
Update to come
-crossplatform input(i.e mobile control).
-copter damage collision


Tried the demos, this does seem to be an improvement on your other helicopter system but the controls feel awful. Can you add Game Controller support as a Helicopter sim really needs the inputs offered by a game controller. With the keys it is really bad to fly, very slow to do anything, just doesnt feel nice at all/

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Okay mate , I'll work on the inputs.....

I also made it possible to toy with drag , so you can get smooth helicopter Physics and also a responsive Physics in of an RC helicopter... So, on