Realistic Net for Soccer Game

Ok so I need to make a game that has soccer elements in it. I’m a newcomer at Unity, so please forgive me if I ask something stupid or easy.

One of the elements of the game is making a goal, which involves both the ball and the post. And here lies my question.

When the ball hits the post, or the net of the post, I want it to feel real, as if the ball was actually hitting a realistic net (making the net move and twist depending on the direction the ball was sent). Is there a way to do this in Unity?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers :slight_smile:

have a look at interactive cloth.

Here is a quick tutorial.

1-Add cloth objects, position them. Make sure they face the camera to be rendered
In your case I would think your need 4 for the 4 sides of your net.
Make sure it does not interact with any other objects yet.

2-Create a new material and add it to the cloth.
If your have a net texture, apply it.

3-Create any objects (cube for example) that you position at the connection points
of your net.
The net needs to interact with one side of the cubes.

4-In the interactive cloth component, you need to locate the Attached colliders to
how many cubes you have and assign each cube to one slot.

5-Make all the cubes a child of your net. You could also add the poles now.

6-If you were to move around the object, you cloth would not show because the normal are the other way.
Simple trick is to create a new cloth for that part and orientate it the other way.

P.S: I have no unity to try and see I forgot something. Just report if it fails.

Hi Guys,

Do any of u guys know how to make an object Direct you to a Diffrent Page if u touch it?

if u do plz reply Thanks… This might help. Create a transparent right angle prism with this texture.