Really basic question but how do i download a free asset pack?

I just started to learn unity and i would like to start the Space Shooter tutorial and at the very beginning i have to download the free Space Shooter assets from unity store.

Well i just cannot see any download button or link or anything. Only a “Open in Unity” button.

If I click on that button Unity is opens the very same browser page inside in it but content never loads.

How do I actually download such an asset from asset store?

Thank you.

Just tested and I get the same issue, probably something gets confused in the transition from browser to Unity. Close the Asset Store tab (right click on it → Close Tab), then manually open the store (Window menu → Asset Store, or Ctrl+9). This should load the main page of the store. In the Search box at the top of the Asset Store, type in ‘Space Shooter’ without quotes. You should see the project as the first option (make sure it’s from Unity Technologies)