really slow editing script parameters in unity editor (iphone)

Hi there, I have problem with slow editor, while editing parameters for script. Here are some facts:

I am using OSX (2.66ghz imac) for creating iphone/ipad game. For scripting is used javascript. I have few (at max 25) parameters like

var menu_button: Texture2D;


var MPlayerName1:String="";

while changing content in editor (for example texture) or browsing in hierarchy of script parameters or loosing/getting focus to window (while script parameters are open and selected) editor will freeze for few seconds and CPU is at 100% usage.

few days ago it was all ok, and only mac update was changed.

thank you for advice


If you're using 10.6.4 and have an nVidia graphics card, you probably want to revert to 10.6.3, since the drivers were screwed up.