Really weird Unity Camera Bug (In Editor)

When I get close to objects , they just go away. and with that I mean. Not even that close. proably about 100 meters away from the object…

Please explain this. This didnt happen yesterday . and for some reason the Editor now also starts in 2D mode, even though this is a 3D game.

The problem is that the scene view camera has generally two ways how you can get an object to appear “bigger” or “closer”:

  • You can literally move the camera forward and backward
  • You can change the zoom which is adjusting the field of view of the perspective camera.

When you use the mousewheel you’re zooming in and out. The camera doesn’t move but the objects appear nearer as the field of view gets smaller.

When you hold the right mouse button and use the WASD keys you actually move the camera around. The camera’s near clipping plane is the problem here. If your camera is zoomed-out quite far, the near clipping plane is rather “far” from your screen and clips objects once they are too close.

The easiest way to fix this is to select the object and press “F” to frame the object. That should move the camera and calculates a proper zooming level to nicely view the object. For very large objects this won’t really work well (like terrains) since the camera has to zoom out very far. It’s better to select a normal sized object (about a unit large) like a default cube and frame that by pressing “F”.

Alternatively you can try to fix it “manually” by either moving the camera forward and zooming out with the mouse wheel at the same time, ot by moving the camera backwards and zooming in. So the object’s size will stay about the same, but the view will change. This is called a dolly zoom.

It looks like you’re in isometric view. It might not look like the object is close enough to be cut off, but it is in isometric view.

Go back to perspective view and pan around.