Realtime 2D map

Hello, i have a project im working on, “GTA style game” and i want to make it so that when i press M a realtime 2d map shows up in which you can see your location in the scene via a hand painted map looking like my scene, icons for points of interest, etc.

i have not found anything on google or youtube on how to solve this and because i’m not an expert in scripting i couldn’t figure it out myself, anybody got a solution

The description you’re looking for is a “minimap”. A cursory search of Google reveals several tutorials and assets: Google

  1. Draw your hand drawn map
  2. Add this map to an unlit texture material
  3. Add that material to a quad
  4. Transform this quad so that its locations x and z coordinates match the world locations
  5. Set the quad to be in its own layer, e.g. MinimapLayer. Set your main camera to nod render this layer
  6. Create a new camera that only sees the layer MinimapLayer, render to a render texture
  7. Set the render texture to a raw image component or to render to a new material that you can display on a quad or a circle or something
  8. (OPTIONAL) create hand drawn minimap markers for player, enemies and other objects you want to draw on the minimap. Set them to MinimapLayer. Attach to the objects as children.
  9. (OPTIONAL) In order to keep your scene view clean, click “Layers”-button in the top right corner of the editor and click the eye-icon next to MinimapLayer. This will make all the minimap markers and minimap not be seen in the scene view of your editor.