Realtime GI bake time is ridiculous (slow).

So slow, so ridiculously slow I could probably paint a picture of my scene with the GI quicker than unity can bake it. I’m serious tho, it’s on light transport (7 / 11) and of the 572 “jobs” it has to do in total, it has taken 19 and a half hours to process not even half. 242 to be precise. Nineteen hand a half hours and its done 242… Not even on the last pass… Welcome to the next gen, where you just wait wait wait. Do you like waiting for hours upon hours? Well, if you do then baking real time GI is for you. Want to make one change then wait another 19 hours? If you’re into that, then realtime GI is where you wanna be. Waiting waiting waiting, time time time. Deadlines? What deadlines? Fuck deadlines when you can spend all your time baking your real time lighting instead. Better yet, waste a good 20 hours for it to then get stuck on a “job” and spit out errors constantly and never progress, wasting those 20 hours… Leave your computer on over night when you do this. I could have re created toy story 2 in Maya and rendered it in mental ray 5 times in the time I’ve been waiting

If you are working on a large map/environment. It is recommended to reduce the real time resolution to something like 0.5 or even 0.2. The default of 2 is only for small maps.

It is faster when you disable realtime GI.

Id certainly bake on 0.01, or 0.001. And just ensure UV shell are efficient. I also force the Scale in Lightmap per object (+preserve UV’s) to produce an .exr per object, based on an Auto Mapped secondary UV set from 3DS Max. Allowing enlighten to Atlas the scene has caused me all kinds of problems.

I am using last Unity versions (5.5f and 5.6b) 5.6 use a new progressive bake tool that is nice but as Enligthen is incredibly slow too and GI bake times are absolutely insane, after finish my actual project I will be migrate to Unreal.

I’m still wonder if there is a way to push the CPU (or GPU) in baking/rendering booth, NavMap and ligthing.

This was a long time ago, it is much more manageable now for us.