Realtime light iluminates baked objects

After one of the recent Unity 5 updates I can not get the lightmapping to work like it should. Mainly the problem is that a realtime light is iluminating objects that are baked and static: I have light in baked mode and it bakes the lighting nicely on static environment objects. But when I introduce another light to light my dynamic objects and set it to realtime it also lights up already baked objects so they look washed out now. Can I make a realtime light not affect static baked objects and only iluminate my dynamic objects?

I also tried using mixed mode on a light, but the bake result with this mode produced almost invisible very weak shadows…

I don’t think that’s possible… Realtime lights work on everything, even baked objects. There might be a baked-only shader floating around somewhere, but I wouldn’t count on it.

The only way around it would be to play with the layers. Maybe have a ‘baked’ layer and have all real-time lights exclude it?