Realtime Light not working on Standard Mat after Lightbake

Hi Unity Community,

I have some wierd lighting behavior (bug?) in my project:

My lightmap: (shadowmap, directional)
used GPU lightmapper

Directional light (mixed)
Objects with Standard Specular Shader.
2 Realtime Spotlights.

The problem is that the spotlights don´t draw any light on some objects, including objects with standart specular shader. The terrain and some other object with lightmaps aswell can be lit! This happens only after baking and ONLY in the android build. In the Editor it works fine!

Yes: my pixel light count is enough

Thanks for any answer :slight_smile:

In Editor:
alt text

In Android Build:
alt text

Is it because you don’t use realtime global illumination in lighting setting?

I’m not really good at baked lighting so it is maybe wrong…

Ok, tried that but didn´t made a difference.
After some testing I baked the light again but this time I set my directional light in the scene to realtime so that it wasn´t baked in the lightmap, and this made my headlights work again.