Realtime light stuttering

So I’m lost…
I have a scene set up with realtime lighting, and up until the latest version of Unity everything has been going great. But for some reason with this latest update my lighting stutters. Now my biggest problem is some shadows stutter when the camera rotates, and others when the object they are being cast onto rotates.
Here’s a video of the problem - 1

Here’s my current quality, light, and camera settings -

If any one could help me solve this problem, or point me in the right direction that would be awesome.

This seems to be a shadow map resolution problem. If you already have the shadowmap resolution set to “very high” then you can try to make more out of the resolution you have. play with the distance/cascade/slice settings.

If that doesn’t fix it you might try culling off screen geo, or at least turn shadowing off on them. I haven’t tried this, but it stands to reason that if you can generate shadows over a smaller area then that resolution wont be spread so thin.