Realtime lighting with generated mesh causes light bleed at seams / edges (minecraft clone)

Hi there!

So I am making a voxel engine like minecrafts to try and learn voxel stuff, and I am having some issues with using unitys lighting with it. The world consists of chunks each with its own mesh. Each chunk consists of blocks, but only the quads that have to be shown are generated, so there are only 1 gameobject per chunk. The issue is that the sun / directional light shines through the mesh. I tried setting the bias on the directional light to 0, and setting the Cast Shadows options on the mesh renderer to “Two Sided”, but still light shines through. Any help and suggestions are very much appriciated.

Here is also a video showing it better:

Anyone have any idea on this? Do you think it is a bug or intended behaviour that the directional light shines through the backside of a plane and creates seams like that even with “two sided” set on the mesh? I cant really make thicker walls like recommended on other threads because that would make make a ton of extra faces and verticies.

@EvanTune Hi I was wondering if you found any solutions. I’m having the same issue and it’s driving me crazy. Here’s how it looks for me.