Realtime object loading to scene

Hello all! I’m very new to unity and programing and would like to learn. I’m working on a game that has lots of selecting from inventory.

For example:

GUI character selection. For example I press a button (label BOX) and a box with some animations pops into the scene. And if I dont like the BOX i press the button (label SPHERE) and a spining sphere replaces the box.

Now I understand I need an empty object in the scene where the objects are being loaded and displayed. I still dont know from where the object come from nor do I know how to write the scripts.

If anyone has any idea what I’m talking about and has any suggestions please help me!

What I am guessing is that you are trying to load objects during runtime. That is nearly impossible to do without Asset Bundles. What you can do is create a Prefab of both a Sphere and a Cube and then instantiate it like so. You can later make a gameobject active, or make it dissapear. Reply back and I can add a script with detailed instructions