Realtime shadow artifacts in URP

Hi guys,

I have a shadow artifact problem with realtime spotlights in URP. 2019.3

As you can see in the images I have a lot of strange shadows coming from a spotlight.
I don’t have a directional light as it is an indoor only scene.

I tried changing the shadow resolution, depth bias and normal bias they just made things worse.

A new empty project had similar issues sometimes.
One of the object on the scene is even a default cube made in blender I even tried to uv map it so
no side overlaps.

Is there any other thing that I missed or realtime shadow in Unity URP is like that.

I have the same problem. Unity 2020.2, DX11, changed the same settings. For me, it’s causing significant artefacts on my low poly terrain.

Someone please report this bug. I reported it for older version got no response back. The release notes said they fixed this in 2020.2.1 but it’s clearly still there.