Realtime Shadow Glitch [Unity Indie: Directional Light]

In my game, I have a ball that you have to roll around a a level, picking up items as you go along to advance to the next level, but I am having a problem with shadows. Here is an image of what happens, Im not sure why it happens, but it just does.


(Is it the models im using? Im using unity’s default cubes. I know I shouldn’t have, but the game is too big to go through each level with a cube from a modeling program. Is there any other way of fixing it?)

Are you using a directional light? If yes, its possible that the rotation of the light is causing the shadows to appear in areas that you weren’t intending too. Also its hard to tell by the image but your ball might be just tall enough to cast shadows on the next level of stairs so maybe shrink it and change the rotation of your directional light(if your using one).

I was using a transparent material… This was when this lighting glitch occurred within unity.