Realtime Shadow Problem On lightmapped Object

Hello everyone,
I have a very strange problem. I baked Directional Lightmap and on realtime Shadow for my player.
It works fine in unity and realtime Shadow clearly visible on both lightmapped and non-lightmapped Objects, but when i rum my project on IOS device realtime shadow not coming on lightmapped object. It coming only on non-lightmapped objects.
I am using forward rendering path.
Even i enable render mode important and real time only options for directional light.
I am also using other directional lights for weather but i marked them not important.
So please help me.
Thanks in advance.

Lightmapped objects will ignore real-time shadows. This is default behavior from Unity’s mobile shaders. Not sure if Unity provides a standard shader that allows you to do what you’re asking. Might have to edit or write you’re own, which would be adding shadow calculations along with lightmap.