Realtime tree shadows disappear on camera movement

I searched the internet about this issue for countless hours with no results. So here’s the situation:

I have a classic terrain setup, 2000 x 2000, trees, one directional light as sunlight, graphics on fantastic, average tree rendering settings…

Now here’s the point, I have a pretty low position of the sun so that it makes long shadows of the trees and gives the scene the mood I’d like to achieve. The problem I have with this is that if I rotate my camera view some trees behind my frustum don’t render anymore (which is the normal frustum culling behaviour I guess?) and therefore their shadows disappear even if they should be visible in the camera view.

Here are two screenshots with slightly different camera rotation:
alt text

alt text

I played arround with all kind of tree, quality and shadow settings with no result and I just can’t believe that no one ever made a scenery with long shadows and came across this problem…

I am having the same problem. When trees get to close to the camera field of view, they suddenly disappear when the trunk of the tree gets out of view. All of a sudden, the leaves disappear, just because the trunk is gone. This is a poor attempt at culling, simply because the position of the object is not directly in camera view, does not mean, the rest of the object is out of view.

So far this applies only to trees on the terrain system.

BUMP This is annoying, watching trees suddenly disappear on a mobile game, where it is glaringly obvious because there are only few trees in the scene.

Change the shadow distance to a higher number, my case 500 worked

Changing shadow distnace did not work in my case. Still having issues with shadows being culled from trees in Unity 2018.4. Hoping someone has a solution to this.

I changed “Shadow Near Plane” to a higher value. Fixed in my case.