Reasons for drop in frame rate in unity pro

Hi, please any body explain me what may be the reasons for frame rate drop in unity pro.

There is like what, thousands of possible reasons ? For the basics :

  • Make sure you don’t have heavy calculations every frames. Like big loops.
  • Don’t use thousands and thousands of colliders.
  • Be careful with the number of polys, especially for mobiles platform.
  • OnGUI isn’t the place for not-GUI-related calculations.

extremely not-exhaustive list.

If you have Unity Pro, you can profile the game (Window->Profiler). I assume you did it to see, yet still not sure what exactly it is.

Beware of extensive memory allocations, it can force garbage collector to be invoked very often and that’s what might slow down your game.

If Scripts take much time on your profiler output, you may want to switch to deep profiling to see exact cause (it runs much slower but reveals the culprit)