Recent change? Unity no longer reloads domain in background when saving scripts in Visual Studio.

I'm using 2019.4 LTS, the latest version. It feels like for the last few patch releases for 2019.4, Unity no longer performs a domain reload in the background while I'm working in Visual Studio. Up until recently, saving a file in Visual Studio would cause Unity to recompile and reload the domain. Often, by the time I tabbed back to Unity, it would be done doing that, and Unity would be immediately responsive. However, at this time, Unity doesn't recompile/reload until I give it focus.

So, if I make a change in Visual Studio and save it, then wait any length of time, Unity will always begin the recompile/reload only when I return focus to it.

Although it maybe inefficient to continuously recompile/reload in the background with every script change I make, I liked that behavior. It definitely meant that I felt the burden of domain reload much less.

Anyway, is this a setting I may have inadvertently changed? Is this a regression in Unity or VS Tools for Unity? Was it a bug that it was recompiling/reloading in the background at all?

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This happens to me sometimes. if i restart unity it works again

Well, this has been ongoing for a while now. I've closed/reopened Unity and VS many times in that period, along with restarting my system. I should note I'm on the latest version of both Unity and VS Community, so it's hard to know if the change is based on one program or the other.