Recommendation for working in a team?

So my team leader and us are planning out a good medium sized game, although we’ve never done something so large. I was wondering what people recommend as a method for working in teams that would allow us to quickly exchange and receive updates from one another. We’re not an insanely large team just like 5 of us but I would like something that would allow to us to work simultaneously, any recommendations?

  1. Use a version control that has a good disconnected working approach - I’d recommend GIT.
  2. Use a work planning tool such as JIRA to keep track of what people are doing.
  3. Even if you are in the same room use a text chat tool like Slack and have at least one channel automatically mention JIRA changes so that people know what others have just finished doing.

Our team currently uses dropbox with unlimited file history.

It is setup as follows;

Project stored in Dropbox team folder, each member then uses selective sync to ignore Library, Temp, .vs and obj folders within each project.

As we work all changes show up live in our editors. Just make sure people aren’t modifying the same scene at the same time. If another member is looking at a scene but knows someone else is working on it, they just right-click in project pane and hit refresh to see scene changes.

We too have less than 5 members and we mostly converse via skype while working so it is easy to coordinate who is working on what at any given moment.

It may not be the best way to do things, but it allows for immediate updates between every member and we can go back to any version of our files like any good svn.

One downside is not being able to version control files as a set.