📌 Recommendations for Official Support

Hello everyone, thank you for actively participating in Unity’s visionOS community space!

We want to remind you that the best way to get bugs addressed and receive official support is to report a bug (via Unity Editor main menu > Help > Report a Bug). After doing so, you may also create a thread in the visionOS discussions space, but please make sure to reference the bug’s incident number in the post so that we can follow up.

When filing a bug, please tell us exactly how to reproduce the issue and any other relevant details. Note the exact Unity and visionOS package version(s) you’re using, and indicate whether your app runs in Windowed, VR, or MR mode. When possible, try to create a minimal scene or project that demonstrates the issue, and tell us how to launch it.

If it’s more convenient, feel free to submit projects via file sharing services like Google Drive and attach the file sharing link in your bug tickets. For large projects, we strongly suggest removing the Library folder (or at least Library/PackageCache) to save space and upload time.

We look forward to our continued discussions in this space.