Recommended Android Tablet(s) For AR (July 2017)

We develop android applications for tablets which will use some form of AR, for this project we are using Vuforia. Our projects usually are quite heavy, given the amount of geometry in the project. The tablet we would sell to clients would be Nvidia Shield K1, however as of recently it has been discontinued. Is there a tablet of similar or better performance which is recommended?

There is no restriction to the price, only that the tablet is able to purchase in Canada at this time and in a quantity of 4, since we’ll need 4 for our clients.

I’ve done some research and found that the best choice for us at the moment is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, with runner ups being HUAWEI MEDIAPAD M3 and Xiaomi Mi Pad 3.
Is there a better choice of tablets?
Also has anyone had any unsolvable issues when developing for these tablets?

Here is the unofficial list for android devices supported and not supported by unity but it needs a bit of updating.

@PhilUpO This is an important Topic for me now too. However, I notice that the devices you mentioned as your best choices are not listed in Google’s list of ARCore supported devices.

What Did you choose? How has it worked for you?

I wonder if anybody has made a choice from this list and found a tablet that works for them?