Reconstruction of 3d mesh from 2d images

Hello All,

I have an application where I need to reconstruct a complete 3D model of an object from images taken of the object from different perspectives. Thus far, I haven’t been able to find any assets on the store that does this, so it seems like it might need to be developed from scratch.

Looking into the techniques for 3D reconstruction, the mathematics behind it seem quite complicated, and I’m a bit out of my depth here.

Can anyone offer some advice on how to proceed? Thanks in advance!

In case the above is unclear:

I need to generate the 3D models as part of the application. The way it would work is:

  1. The input is a set of images of an object generated by photographing at different angles.
  2. The images would be used to reconstruct an accurate 3D model/mesh of the object.
  3. The generated mesh would be passed along to the next part of the application for further processing (for measurements, features, and so on).

This has nothing to do with Unity. Reconstructing a 3d mesh from several 2d images is a really hard task and is only about algorithms and nothing specific to Unity. Have a look at this video which explains how you can use 3 pieces of software to actually 3d scan an object. Note that especially the point correlation between images can take a lot of time and processing power. 3D scanning in general produces very high poly count meshes.

If you are not familiar with advanced image processing your best bet is to find a library / SDK for this task.

Depending on the complexity, you could try something like

I am newbie in Unity, facing the same problem. If anybody has any knowledge kindly enlighten me with your knowledge.

Thanks,I’m too facing the same problem. If anybody has any knowledge on this do extend your help to us.

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Thanks @Bunny83 ,
I know this will be bit challenging to reconstruction a 3d mesh from several 3d images. There are several application like that. I tested most of the same kind of application. The problem is there are no sdks which I can use in unity.