Record a video in unity on mobile (Android, IOS)

Hi everyone,

So the deal is: I need to record a video on a mobile device, both IOS and Android. If there is a good solution to do it in Unity? (App also uses ARKit and ARCore) So far I’ve tried:

  1. Using Everyplay to record the video than save it to persistent datapath. The problem is that video records everything including UI and hudless recording according to documentation is not longer supported.
  2. Rendering camera to texture every frame and saving it as a png. Here, I dont know is there is a way to make a video out of sprites that I capture.
  3. I ve searched asset store for the solution, but could not find it. Most of the assets are made to record on Standalone/Mac only.

Sorry, if I am missing any information in the question. Thanks in advance!

We recently released a plugin on Asset Store - Cross Platform Replay Kit

Cross Platform Replay Kit allows to record your player’s game experiences easily on Unity.
It supports both iOS and Android platforms with unified and simple API. It provides a unified and simple API for screen recording.

Feature set

• Screen Record complete screen with microphone(including UI)

• Preview Recorded Video

• Single API for both iOS and Android Platforms