Record video on iPhone or Android?

Is it possible to record video on the iPhone or Android with Unity?

iVidCapPro is another option for iOS. It’s free and includes the source code. You can find it here:


for android you can use INDE media pack: Intel Developer Zone

Hi Ina,

Prime31 offers several unity plugins for iphone, They don't yet offer any video recording plugin presently, but you should contact them for a quote, if your project is large enough, you can absord the developement costs.

They are working on an augmented reality plugins, which implies getting video , so they can do that already, and are about to release such plugins anyway, whether it will simply allow to capture video or not, that I don't know.

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Try ScreenRecorder plugin Screen Recorder | Video | Unity Asset Store

FFmpeg Unity Bind can record Android, IOS, Mac OS and Windows.

ON Android, you can use Apowersoft Screen Recorder, search the Google Play Store and install it.
Since Google has restrictions on the internal sound recording, note that do not wear earphones when playing games.

For iOS, it depends on what iOS system you are running. On iOS 11, the built-in screen recording feature is enough for game recording.