Recording Audio Sources?

Hiya, I know there are a couple of posts for this but I couldn’t find one that works in C#. I’m using a plugin that’s entirely in C# so no it can’t be in javascript.

I’m making a piano game and I’m struggling to find out how to record the sound from an audio source and save to .wav.

It feels like it’s simple but I must be pretty thick since I can’t find the answer. Perhaps an audiolistener that saves the output to a file?

I’ve seen this
But it’s in javascript.

Can anyone help? Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can check this project iVidCapPro. It’s free and you can get the sources. There’s a C# class that does exactly this task. I think it’s iVidCapProAudio. Check it out.

Any type of sound studio to cope with this task, ask them for a solution or ready files in format .wav.