Recrate UI effect lighting up background

Hello, I am playing shellshock live and in this Game some very nice UI effects take place. I was wondering if an effect like this: effect, is possible in Unity.

So if anyone knows how to create something that looks like that ( effect), with that I mean the background getting lighten up white in this rounded shape please let me know.

I am happy about any clues, keywords or tutorials to google for.

Thank you in advance and greetings from Switzerland

Hi, @snow2405 !

Create a new UI image behind your “window”, add this sprite to it. Set any color you want in image script.

white sprite is below:

sprite effect.png
then you can activate this sprite behind your “window”, stretch it and then slowly change color to fully transparent color. I suggest you to play with it in editor and check best way.
Maybe my sprite will need some adjustments, like bigger point or something… but that effect you can recreate with it. At least it should look similar to that :slight_smile: