Recreating Update() function

Is there a simple way to recreate the way the Update() function works in unity?

P.S: not simple ways are also welcomed.

You should ask this question in a place like Stack Overflow, not Unity Answers

Yes, you would create an Interface with a common implementation across multiple classes. You would instantiate the classes with the various probably you need, but use the interface for execution of the common methods. You would probably execute from the collection of these interfaces the same methods in a particular order and rinse repeat over and over again. If executed from a MonoBahaviour Update method in a foreach and that was the only execution path, then you would get something similar.

Though you don’t need to model is with an interface, the point would be the common class as the base class and specifics in the deriving class.

Look up c# and state machines and you will get examples.

After experimenting a bit I found the answer, it is as simple as it could possibly be (I feel stupid) :