Rect transform question!! please help!!

Greetings everyone,

I am trying to make a app that has this card view like structure and a hamburger nav bar on the side. Now , i have a game object with several card like structures in it and they are far apart vertically . I want them to move to a specific POS Y position everytime i click from the side bar (nav bar) .

example : i click on home in nav bar , i want the specific card to come down . if i click settings , that card should come down. for that i need to access the POS Y anchored position of rect transform.

I want cards to move like how a one page parallax scroll would work in html5. Is there anyway to access the Pos Y of rect transform or animation from frame to frame. Thanks , please help :).

EDIT : User DiegoSLTS , solved it . Thankyou soo much!! :slight_smile:

some Screenshots of app :

Note that anchoredPosition works as expected only for certain anchor modes, you might need to use sizeDelta too to get the proper y position of a RectTransform.