RectTransform - How to change Height?

I’m trying to find some way to change the RectTransform height by script without success… I can change the scale, but is not what I want to do.

I hope that exist some method (as bellow) or solution to change this property by script.

	RectTransform rectTransform = containerList.transform.GetComponentsInChildren<RectTransform> ();
	rectTransform.SetWidthHeight(new Vector2(x,y));

… or any other solution to change this property by script.
Even looking the class code I did’t found nothing about width and height.

public sealed class RectTransform : Transform

Nothing here too:

What I’m missing? If someone could help me… Thanks a lot!

Use sizeDelta.

RectTransform rT;

void Start(){
rT = GetComponent<RectTransform>();


void Update(){ //Increase height of UI element.
rT.sizeDelta = new Vector2(rT.sizeDelta.x,rT.sizeDelta.y + 0.5f);

on the object with the height you wanna change:

public float theChange;

transform.localscale.y = theChange;