RectTransform values on the editor change randomly...

I am trying to make a menu where the user can scroll thruogh a list of their save files, but as soon as i set the content i want the user to be able to scroll in the ScrollRect component it changes the RectTransform values of the content, and when i try to rewrite them to the values i want, the RectTransform doesn’t use the input i give it but rather changes it to another random value.

I’m using a Image with Buttons as Childs of the Image, as the content for the ScrollRect.
After I set the Image as the content of the ScrollRect the values of the RectTransform position is changed to (0,-214,0).
Even if i try to set the “Pos y” back to -300 it just changes it to some random number like -249,6545.

Just adding the 3rd image of the recttransform after setting the content132802-recttransform-despues-del-cambio.png