Recursive culling with the same camera is not possible.

The error I’m getting is the title of this question.

I added the water pro example prefab to a scene. That error continuously spits out. I don’t know why. I’ve tried searching answers.unity3d and the forum and google. No on seems to have posted anything to do with this or I don’t know the proper search string to use.

There is no code written by myself that effects the water. I just dragged it into the scene and tweaked some inspector values.

Any help is much appreciated.

I’m still not sure what the cause of this error is, but I fixed the error in my project by setting AdvancedWater->PlanarReflection->ReflectionMask to “Nothing”, rather than “Everything”. I simply didn’t need the reflections, other than the skybox, but if you need certain reflections, you might try experimenting with turning only certain layers on/off. Hope this helps anyone who may be having this problem in the future.

I know this is old, but didn’t find a decent solution anywhere when I just ran across this issue in my project.

I think it occurs when the object, with the WaterTile component, is set to a layer that you’re reflecting in the PlanarReflections LayerMask.

I set both the WaterBase and WaterTile objects to a layer that isn’t being reflected and haven’t had the Error come up since.

i get the feeling it’s a bug – I think if you ever happened to have set a new Layer, entered a new Layer, you seem to get this error or warning.

As far as I can tell it’s harmless, it just appears once and then it does something to “fix itself” right?

I had a similar issue with a mirror object, when looking at the mirror from behind this error would crop up and start spamming my console.

THIS is the issue, and here’s why: For a mirror the two objects you need is a Camera and a Surface to project what the camera sees. It’s not quite as simple as that but you get the idea.

This error comes about when the Camera is trying to capture / reflect the Surface it’s projecting on; it can’t do that. So you have to ensure that the Camera’s culling layers exclude the layer of the Surface itself.