Recycle textures fo infinite pages for megafiers pageFlip

Hi There,

I am using the megaFiers pageFlip / MegaBook component and want to dynamically recycle textures for pages at runtime.

For those unfamiliar with the pageFlip component, the basic idea is that there are 3 pages visible at a give time and each has a front and back page texture. I would like to update the list of textures based on the currentPage number so that only 6 textures (one for both sides of a page) are loaded in memory at a given time. The idea is to recycle the textures in the list.

I had thought that creating a circular list / stack in c# would do the trick where new pages are pushed to the stack and old ones popped off. The problem is that I need to only update the textures for every visible set of pages (every 3rd page.)

If anybody could suggest some approaches to this problem, I would be grateful.



Hi ,do you know how to use PageFile’s script?

Hi,I am also using the megaFiers,but I don’t how to use pagFile,can you give me a demo for this email is