Red Animation Record button greyed out - any ideas?

Hi all,

Started a new project but whenever I try to animate the camera (in fact, any object) the record animation button stays grey.

Any ideas how to fix?! Driving me crazy!


Reset to default layout fixed this

This sorted itself out.

After restarting Unity, the computer and deleting the camera to no success, the option that fixed it was just adding a new cube object to the scene. This seemed to unlock whatever was wrong, and everything could then be recorded even if the cube was deleted or undone. Weird.

Leaving this answer for any future Googlers.

Thanks @jacktionman for the idea to put something new in the scene to reset the buttons. A new cube didn’t work for me but copying and pasting the prefab did. Then it worked for both the original prefab and the copy. I think I jammed the animation tab by trying to re-edit something I had already exported into the timeline then brought back to the animation tab which I think I read isn’t something one is supposed to be able to do?

Basically all it means is after creating the animation select a game object to see the red button active. otherwise it wont.

One thing I have discovered is that the option will be grayed out if you try to animate a parent GameObject with its children. Unparenting the GameObject fixed it for me

In my case, using the “Create new clip” option of the dropdown list right below the record button to override my old animation and it’s fixed