Red Lines Appearing On My URP Project

Oddly enough, I've only encountered this issue with 2022 versions of Unity. Linux user.

Here's the image -

Seems to be a URP issue, not sure how to fix.

Report it as a bug within Unity. It's definitely something somewhere reading or writing to out of bound memory. This may just be "ok" on windows drivers and not on your linux driver, but either way its a real bug that needs to be fixed.

Any news?

Nothing much can be done on your end. Only if you're ready to develop under Windows or use another version. Must be fixed by Unity staff on their end.

Thank you for the response! It should have something to do with the URP shaders and specifically the way the scene camera renders the URP materilas. The scene icons (i.e. camera icon, light icon) are not affected by the artifact. Do you know if this is because the icons are sprites or if it is because they are rendered by another overlay camera or something?