Redis vs Unity

Hi, I need some client that will allow me to access Redis DB from Unity 4.3.+. Is there some? looks broken because it writes length of value instead of value (reported by many people, same happens to me) (e.g. .net - MSOpenTech redis with redis-sharp client - Stack Overflow)

It’s successor, TeamDev.Redis (, that was mentioned as possible solution (
freeze Unity immediately after I call SendCommand(RedisCommand.SET, “mykey”, “myvalue”)
(I’m using suggested TeamDev.Redis .Net 2.0 compatible build)

I am not an expert, but just for the record I was recently able to get Unity using TeamDev connected to a Redis DB just fine without freezing (in Unity 4.6 Beta 20). While testing, I did notice that Unity would freeze for a short time if parameters were setup incorrectly (if I gave it an invalid Redis IP, for example). Otherwise, was the Redis server accessible? I understand this is an older post but as there is not a ton of discussion about using Redis with Unity maybe this will help someone in the future.