Reduce ammount of light


I am wondering how I can reduce the light level on a scene, so it will be necessary to use a torch or flashlight. I know how to make advanced torches and flashlights, but not how to reduce the light. So if you know something about this it would be really helpful. Because it is kind of annoying to have torches and flashlights when they don’t have any function. But if anyone knows how to reduce the light level they will be VERY useful.

You could use Color.Lerp to control the light intensity between black (no light) and the value initially set. The function ControlLight accepts values from 0 (no light) to 1 (initial light):

var ambLight: Color;

function Start(){
  ambLight = RenderSettings.ambientLight;

// sets the ambient light intensity from 0 (no light) to 1 (full light):

function ControlLight(intens: float){
  RenderSettings.ambientLight = Color.Lerp(, ambLight, intens);

You could try (Edit->Render Settings->Ambient Light)

I think setting the color of the ambient light to black should do what you wanted to.

When you add a directional light to your scene you can change the colour of the light in the inspector. If you change that to black then you should get a darker scene, I think.