Reduce draw calls with static / dynamic batching

Hello guys,

I’m trying to reduce the draw calls (around 4000 at the moment) for some of my scenes.
Even though I red different answers and topics, I still don’t understand how to get it work.

I have Unity PRO and I have access to both dynamic and static batching.
I understand that dynamic batching it’s not working as it should ?
Anyway to test if it even works (like, should I see a reduction in draw calls when I start the scene ?)
Regarding the static batching, I tried clicking on the ‘Static’ option for each of my objects in the game, but I see no improvement when I start it in player…
Do I have to parent my objects to another object and make static that one ?
Do I have to attach a certain script or activate some more options in Unity ?

I really need help here, as even though 4000 draw calls have no problem on my computer, it is not working smooth on other computers.

Thank you.

There is many rules that must be followed if you want to use batching, probably you are not following some of them (scale, material, shadow, vertex number, etc).

Take carefull look in docs and search some tutorials:

It is always good to create a empty scene with simple objects and try to understand what situations you can use and can not use batching.

In the end, you can always directly merge some models by script or 3d program and reduce the number of calls.